A Light From Within


“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.” – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

I was happy to see an E-Mail from my friend C…. in my in-box. Reading the first few lines kept that smile on my face until I read about the turn that the illness of our former leader of a Street group that we once worked with had taken. I knew that she’d gone back home. I knew that she’d been there for a while now. I even knew that she was sick again and not as strong as she’d like to be. I even expected her to return to Berlin in the Spring just as she’d always done. I didn’t know that she was in a Hospice and that the cancer was in her bones. I really hadn’t expected there to not be any treatment options.
C…. asked me to pray for our former leader. I’d already started to do just that and more as I read this mail. You see, my relationship with her started off good and then do to the input of others it went bad, very bad. The wake of this fallout left me feeling deeply hurt and abused by the actions of others who are called to be full of loving-kindness.
Today, I felt nothing but compassion or her having laid all those painful thoughts and feelings down on God‘s altar with the passing of time. I am free. I’m hoping that she is free too. What happened was unfortunate and could have been handled better. But like everything else in life it worked its way into my inner being and added layers to the depths of my Soul. I am more because of it. I hope she is too.
Like the quote from the beginning says, we are like stained-glass windows because all those colours whether muted or brightly hued, were added to us brush stroke for brush stroke. Our Souls are full of the beauty that we learned through out everything that we experienced in life. The sum total of them all forms us into people who are full of themselves or full of love for others. I think that this final setting of the Sun shows us in all truthfulness who we have become.
When my time comes to an end here I want to have a real beauty in me that shines ever so brightly. For my former leader, I wish the same. May God let the light within her be luminous.