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A Van for the Family

For some time now I’ve been following the work of an Artist who paints pictures of the homeless on Facebook. Faces of Santa Ana

A post that I read a few minutes ago caused so much joy that I’m sharing it with you too.

A Van for the Family

This is what one homeless man is doing to help a couple find shelter.

Will you help too? ❤ Patricia


$1, 563 was raised by 10 people in 3 days!

Three Cheers for Jesus all say “Hey! Hey!! Hey!!!” -River, Rebekah and John

‘Tis the Season, every single day of the year!

❤ Patricia







Go On!


“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along. ‘You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

To all people everywhere suffering from the actions of the cruel, take heart in who you are and the experiences of life lived with those who have been killed. They live inside of you now. You are a living memory bank of the beauty of who they were. –Love, Patricia

November Thoughts #2


Wednesday 25th

Late Monday night I saw a special about the refugees here in Berlin. One thing that struck a chord within me was the stress and strain placed on the volunteers working to care for these refugees. Some work their normal job then come to work at the Landesamt für Gesundheit & Soziales. The signs of overwork and exhaustion are plan to see. A few years ago, I was volunteering and made the mistake of not taking the time for personal self-care. I also didn’t have anyone with whom I could talk to about the things that I was experiencing as I developed deeper relationships with those I was trying to help. I tried to find someone within the organization that I worked for but there was no one to turn to for personal care. Because of this, I tried my best to offer this listening ear to the members of the team that I worked with. My wish is that the volunteers have this check in place for their own mental and emotional safety. There is only so much bad that a person can take in. The need to release these aroused feelings responsibly is very real. Otherwise, the fatigue builds up silently and when the breaking point is reached they will be in need of loving care.

November Thoughts #1

Global fire

Sunday 22nd

There are horrific things happening all over the world.

The acts of violence are so bad that people reeling from the pain are upset by the outpouring of sympathy that the world expresses. They say: “What about our murdered people? ‘Where were your voices expressing sympathy for what we have lost?”’ Their voices raised in anger, expressing rage, fear and concern for what may occur next.

I too have felt pain, rage, and fear and have prayed for clarity so that I can understand what’s been happening.

Everyone is doing their own thing. Some consciously others by instinct alone.

Some vent and attack others. Many say what happened in Paris is horrible therefore we should stop allowing the refugees to enter Europe. Others say the Refugees are escaping war and we must help them. As much as we try to limit scope of the question to that of taking in Refugees or not taking them in, it goes way beyond that.

It goes beyond the Daesh and their extremist methods.

It goes beyond looking at the West to blame for the situations in the Middle-east.

And, it goes beyond looking at Politicians and Religious leaders to solve the situation.

This is something that winds its way throughout the entire World. In fact, it goes down to the heart and soul of who you are, what you believe about the World and your place in it.

This World Is Our Home.

Those of you, who say we can rob its resources and everything will be alright, are wrong.

To the ones who twist the fates of people residing in the Countries of the World, you are wrong.

To those with knives, machetes, guns and bombs, who have taken up arms, your decision says that the World has to live by your ways and do what you say. You are wrong.

I see all you Maleficents of politics, deal-makers strewing half-truths by using your rhetoric falsely to motivate people to do whatever is necessary for what you say is right. You are all wrong.

It is easy to hate. And even easier to fear what may happen. I for one will be taking the time to deal with what is – the realities of this day.

Today, I stand above my fears, anger, sadness and even my wishes for tomorrow.

Today, I stand here and remember who I am and what I believe.

I am a Child of God.

I will not fear.

Upon waking, I will take time to talk to my God and find my strength within this love that is given to me that does not end and cannot be silenced.

This is the Hand that will guide and lead me each day.

Not my own but my God’s.

I choose to stay within the boundless borders of this love and to give what I have understood to you.

I will love and love and love and love…