November Thoughts #2


Wednesday 25th

Late Monday night I saw a special about the refugees here in Berlin. One thing that struck a chord within me was the stress and strain placed on the volunteers working to care for these refugees. Some work their normal job then come to work at the Landesamt für Gesundheit & Soziales. The signs of overwork and exhaustion are plan to see. A few years ago, I was volunteering and made the mistake of not taking the time for personal self-care. I also didn’t have anyone with whom I could talk to about the things that I was experiencing as I developed deeper relationships with those I was trying to help. I tried to find someone within the organization that I worked for but there was no one to turn to for personal care. Because of this, I tried my best to offer this listening ear to the members of the team that I worked with. My wish is that the volunteers have this check in place for their own mental and emotional safety. There is only so much bad that a person can take in. The need to release these aroused feelings responsibly is very real. Otherwise, the fatigue builds up silently and when the breaking point is reached they will be in need of loving care.


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