An Ever-lasting Legacy


When I remember people that I have loved, it’s through thoughts of them being full of life and happiness. And through all the positive things that made them a person whose vibrancy comes to life again and again before my inner eye. Contrarily, negative people only come to mind if and when I remember a particular event or a feeling triggers the memory of the negativity of their time in my life. The memory of them is not rooted in my thoughts. My memories of beloved ones are deeply rooted.

The victims of the acts of terrorism in San Bernardino will remain positively bright in the memories of those who loved them.

Their murderers will be remembered with the subdued hues of sadness.

Perhaps, even some occasional memory of “a time when they were kind and loving” will seep into the thoughts of their families and friends.

But certainly not their final acts which were horrendous, brutal and empty of any true understanding of love for self, others and the betterment of life. That is why any future mention of them in the ‘Annals of Time´ will state the fact(s) that Mr. Farook and Mrs. Malik did murder these people. Maybe, an answer will be proposed as to why. But the truth remains that they murdered and were killed as they made their way to murder others.


Mr. Farook and Mrs. Malik – Murders, nothing else. †


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