They Chose Compassion

Choosing compassion is quite descriptive of what Glennon Melton from Momastery as well as Elizabeth Gilbert, Brene Brown, Cheryl Strayed and Rob Bell who are the other members of The Compassion Collective would do. These 5, decided to join together to raise $1,000,000.00 in 24 hours to bring aid, support, comfort and care to refugees in Europe. It took them 31 hours and the support of 41,000 people to reach this goal. People who decided to follow them and be light givers in a time of great darkness to those in need.

They did this.


Honestly, I didn’t expect anything other than this result. That is because of who did the asking and the type of people within their Social Media Communities that I felt would respond to the call to stand together with them in love.

You who stood with them, brought with you your heart fires of light.

This is a fire that can warm the hearts of those who are not refugees too.

Seeing such a warming flame burning so strongly, may just help to keep the candles lit of those citizens who are also doing what they can in Europe’s cities.

It may help to calm the fears of those who worry if Divine Providence will ask them to pay a price that they are unwilling to pay. For now, they carry on living and try to keep watch carefully because the fear of danger is real.

History has taught them well that those who hate to such extremes kill all because, all are the other.

These are people who need you to shine that flame on them too.

Let this Advent fire of love burn in the memories of those who came together to do, so that others could be warm, safe, hopeful and able to lay down the burden of one of their immediate problems. In the days to come, they can rest a bit and afterwards have the strength to concentrate their energy on the next one.

In Europe not much separates the boundaries of one country from another.

Paris is not that far away from my adopted city of Berlin and the fear of being bombed is real. With hate for your fellow man being universal, it’s been too easy for the world’s racial hatemongers to spread their poisonous half truths as cunningly as that old snake in The Garden ever did.

Those who have a stronger faith believe and pray for the best for all concerned. They have long understood this truth:

We may have all come in different ships but we’re in the same boat now. -Dr. Martin Luther King

We were challenged and pressed into fearful places that may have shaken us to our core but, Divine Providence causes the Sun to rise and set day by day. Even when the sky has been totally overcast and it’s rained all the day long, at some point the rain stops falling.

We who are older know about these things.

We who have stood the test and come out of the fire of being tried like gold, know about these things.

Let us, lead our brothers and sisters who are blind onward, because we know that light can pierce the darkness. And this light is a burning flame of worldwide love.

Let us pray, rejoice and be glad for each new day and teach this current generation to sing and carry on singing our hymns and the new songs that we will write and sing of belief in our God who is with us!





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