There are not many of us who get out of life without being something good and something bad.

The other day I read through an article [1] that decried David Bowie as being a rapist and sex-abuser. I had never heard of anything liked this being said about him before so, I read through the article. What I retain from it is that a member of the author’s family had been abused and she alone wanted nothing else to do with the abuser, etc. She did write a few lines about David Bowie alleging to something that happened sometime in the past. If it is true or not I can’t say.

I do know this, we are all full of good and bad, light and dark and shadows of things that we wished with the passing of time that we had done differently. There are times in our lives where we wish we had been something more than we were able to be in those particular moments.

The making of a life is full of all these things – our successes and our regrets.

But our Epitaph can only truly be spoken by our own voice speaking the grand sum total of our self-learned truth.


This way or no way
You know, I’ll be free
Just like that bluebird
Now ain’t that just like me? [2]

This is what David Bowie did.

And now, having thrown off the Veils of Life he is free!


 †   David Bowie (1947 -2016)


1. Remembering David Bowie: The Man, The Legend, The Sexual Abuser

2. David Bowie – Lazarus


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