The Middle


middle adjective | mid·dle | \ˈmi-dəl\
1 : equally distant from the extremes: medial, central
2 : being at neither extreme : intermediate  (1)

Long pauses are sometimes good if they give you a chance to rest. These breaks in routine can also be used to look over your inner map and track the progress that you have made. Hopefully, there is progress of one type or another that can be seen with your mind‘s eye.

Personally, as I look back over the distance that I have covered this year, I spent a little extra time in removing my lenses of doubt, fear and unbelief.

This year, intangible things have had their knotted roots untangled so that their growth patterns could be seen. That‘s why I hesitated in seeing myself truly as I am now because my inner core is not the same as it was at the beginning of the year. Being stuck in a moment was hard. Not being able to find my way out was harder still.

The person that has emerged is both familiar to me and at the same time she is a stranger.

At my core I have always truly known her.

But similar to the time it took for me to get used to wearing and caring for my hair naturally, she is a stranger that I have had to reintroduce myself to.

I am no longer at the beginning of trying and I am not at the end of having become myself in total fullness.

The middle is where I am.

The middle of beginning and ending.

In the middle of knowing and becoming that which is fully me.

Having begun surely and rightly, I can continue on this path making the necessary adjustments when needed. Or forced too to correct a wrong action.

I will arrive because God has promised.

And this promise is all the assurance that I need.

Love to you,

(1) Definition by Merriam-Webster

(2) Stuck In a Moment



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