History Repeating

Last night, I said my prayers and went to bed at 1 in the morning.

I prayed again when I woke up shortly before 6 am and began my day.

It is 5:38 pm as I write these words.

I am disappointed with the Election results.

That’s a fact.

8:37 am: Has I took off my coat in school today, I was asked by a young man, a refugee from the city of Aleppo, Syria:

“What is wrong with your fellow Americans?

Why would they elect someone like Trump?”

What’s wrong with America?

Only God can give a truthful answer here.

Not a demagogue who manipulates “the uncivilized mob” that have falsely named themselves “the people”.

These election results have jarred more people awake to the truth of life in America for non-whites than ever before.

Hopefully none of the newly awakened with ever fall asleep like this again.

All of us will be experiencing the next 4 years together, and we need each other to stand for truth and justice wherever we see unrighteousness occurring.

Time, as it always does will make plain who was on the right side of history and who simply got it all wrong.

The USA is a country that is undergoing an internal change in identity.

Questions of who belongs to America? As well as who has the right to call themselves a citizen of these United States are just two of many that we the people need to answer for ourselves now.

If we fall to do this, then those who are still closed-off to the truth will give their uninformed answers to these questions.

History is repeating itself not to harm or to hurt us even if this is the intention of those who have chosen to walk a path opposed to that of righteousness.

History is repeating itself because more of us are ready to speak truth to hate and injustice.

My good people, history is repeating itself to help us to become One True Nation of a United States.

It is time for you to stand up and speak up.

Beginning now.


History is repeating…

(Watch, listen to the video)

Seriously – This American Life, Sara Bareilles, and Leslie Odom, Jr.




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