There is a man who lives and works in one of the most prestigious houses in the free world.
In my opinion, he is totally unfit for the job and unworthy of living there.

Like all those on opposing sides of an issue we do have something in common.
We are both humans born in The United States and eligible to vote for those that we want to represent us in public office.

I never brought into his campaign rhetoric because the words that he spoke convinced me that this is not someone worthy of my respect.
Looking at him or listening to him speak, turns my stomach.
My body rejects what he stands for with every molecule of my being. Because of this, I cast my vote against him.

Since his election, I have given him the gift of my resistance [1]to his position in Washington.
He has earned my resistance to himself and All the Kings Men [2] who serve with him in forwarding his political agenda.
As this band of men and women are working to dismantle America, a unifying force of people all across the country are coming together in solidarity to stop them. This election has mobilized its citizens to activism and this activism has spread throughout the USA and the world.

All of us working together in our resistance to the demagogue.

Resistance for the sake of what is good and necessary to the uplifting of human beings is the correct action to take in respond to this unrighteous bully pulpit.
The American people, have never gained anything by lying down and playing dead to the aggressive stance of the brutally ignorant. None of the worlds people ever have.
In fact, the women of Liberia, both Christian and Moslem Prayed the Devil back to Hell [3] and brought peace to their country that had been at war for years.

They were brave and courageous and we are too.
We the people are standing our ground, taking action and doing the same.
We have to continue to mobilize ourselves and use our combined strength to save us all from this demagogic [4] rule in Washington.
The king has gathered all his men together to enforce his will. They are not there to serve the Citizens of the USA.
We are not serfs, slaves or subjects to be ruled with a fist of iron.
We are free people.
And so will we live.

Free, Gregory Porter [5]!

Resist [6] and do not be silent.

Who March the World? Girls. | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee [7]




  1. Resist by Albert Burneko in The Concourse.
  2. All The Kings Men Trailer.
  3. Pray The Devil Back To Hell Documentary.
  4. When Washington Goes Low, We Go Local.
  5. Free, song by Gregory Porter from the album Liquid Spirit.
  6. United Resistance video.
  7. Quiet, song from MILCK with vocal groups GW Sirens and Capital Blend. On Full Frontal with Samantha Bee




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