Hidden Butterflies

My friend Chrissi sent me the link to this short film (The Butterfly Circus) after reading my blog post Everthing Must Change.

Nick Vijicic stars as ‘Will’, a man born without limbs who is the main attraction in a ‘freak show’ of a traveling carnival. Having been constantly seen as a freak of nature, has left Will with a distorted self-image. His low self-esteem also affects how he sees himself and what he thinks he can do in life. Throughout all the indignities that he has suffered, Will has held on to his dream of joining one of those ‘fancy shows‘ like The Butterfly Circus. On this fateful night, he finds himself being ‘seen and spoken too’ by Mr. Mendez, the showman of The Butterfly Circus who he does not recognize and spits him in the face. The showman of the carnival berates him, Mr. Mendez however offers Will forgiveness.

(Please do take the time to watch the film. I think you will enjoy it.)

The character of Will could be anyone of us on any given day.

We all bear the unkind actions of others, the woundings of their spoken words cling to our souls shouting silently:

“This is who you are.”


“This is who you will always be.”

Know that we alone decide if this will forever be the fruit of our lives.

Once we have been verbally wounded, we cannot unhear the words that were used to cut us.

We can hear a spiteful prediction for our future and still choose to define ourselves based on our own understanding our of inherent goodness.

We can overcome the rough starts that we have had in life, that underestimate who we truly are at heart and become someone of real worth.

You and I can learn to understand ourselves and take on our true identities.

These identities are written into our DNA.

If we have been moving down the wrong path in life, we can choose another more positive route. Figuratively and literally our feet choose to lay a trail over the ground that we walk upon.

If someone says we are nothing, dumb, dull and will never amount to anything, we can choose to accept their words and become this prophecy.

Or, we can choose to believe that we are in the process of becoming smarter and applying what we learn to our lives.

We can choose to flip on our light and allow our intelligence to show through. After all, educating ourselves is not just something that happens through schooling.

Pursuing our personal interests and developing our talents, helps us to know who we truly are.

This allows us to shine with the natural brightness of a happily lived life where we are at peace because we fought to win back what was stolen from us.

Are you willing to fight to win against the naysayers?

You have the right to say to the world: “I once believed a lie, now I know the truth.”

“Look at me, this is who I am.”

“I worked at making peace within myself and emerged from my web of old silky threads.”

You can do this my friend.

You have been holding onto the layers of that cocoon for far too long.

It is time to take to flight!





Everything Must Change

In this moment, I write this with the surety of all the past moments that I have lived up to now.

Everything Must Change” as recorded by Nina Simone, is the song that I have been listening to and singing along with in the odd moments since I rediscovered it last week.

It is a song from my childhood, that I think we eighth graders may have sung for our graduation. Because my memory here is foggy, I cannot say for sure if that is true. I do know the song well and I am delighted to have rediscovered it again and Nina’s hauntingly beautiful version.

When she sings the words: “There is so, little in life you can be sure of” slight pause, wait for it “woo ooh, ooh”. It is the way she sings this woo ooh, ooh. I have the feeling of being in Church on a Sunday morning listening to the Soloist singing the truth about life and faith.

The goose bumps and the tingling in my Soul are real.

Listening to her phrasing of this lyric, I know she understood what she was singing about.

Looking backwards through my own life experiences, I can testify to the truth of these words.

Nina Simone’s rewording of Benard Ighner‘s song does not distract anything from the original lyrics.

It just makes it her own.

It is her teaching us through song, what Maya Angelou taught us through these words.

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”
— Maya Angelou

It is what I am trying to communicate to you.

Everything does change with time.

Believe Nina.

Believe Maya.

Trust Me.

Hold on to your hope and the truth that your own life has been teaching you.

Keep on walking Sisters!


listen to Nina, she knows!

Love, Patricia


Photo by Mahdi Fathi on Unsplash