The Faces of Santa Ana

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Sometimes, what’s written leaves a lasting impact upon us. In fact, some words can motivate us to reach out to others who are living within the straits of difficulties beyond their control. This was the experience of Brian Peterson who decided not to just look past the needs of those without housing in Santa Ana California. In this Q & A he shares what lead him to begin the Faces of Santa Ana project. Continue reading “The Faces of Santa Ana”



There are not many of us who get out of life without being something good and something bad.

The other day I read through an article [1] that decried David Bowie as being a rapist and sex-abuser. I had never heard of anything liked this being said about him before so, I read through the article. What I retain from it is that a member of the author’s family had been abused and she alone wanted nothing else to do with the abuser, etc. She did write a few lines about David Bowie alleging to something that happened sometime in the past. If it is true or not I can’t say. Continue reading “Epitaph”

They Chose Compassion

Choosing compassion is quite descriptive of what Glennon Melton from Momastery as well as Elizabeth Gilbert, Brene Brown, Cheryl Strayed and Rob Bell who are the other members of The Compassion Collective would do. These 5, decided to join together to raise $1,000,000.00 in 24 hours to bring aid, support, comfort and care to refugees in Europe. It took them 31 hours and the support of 41,000 people to reach this goal. People who decided to follow them and be light givers in a time of great darkness to those in need.

They did this.

Yes! Continue reading “They Chose Compassion”

An Ever-lasting Legacy


When I remember people that I have loved, it’s through thoughts of them being full of life and happiness. And through all the positive things that made them a person whose vibrancy comes to life again and again before my inner eye. Contrarily, negative people only come to mind if and when I remember a particular event or a feeling triggers the memory of the negativity of their time in my life. Continue reading “An Ever-lasting Legacy”

A Van for the Family

For some time now I’ve been following the work of an Artist who paints pictures of the homeless on Facebook. Faces of Santa Ana

A post that I read a few minutes ago caused so much joy that I’m sharing it with you too.

A Van for the Family

This is what one homeless man is doing to help a couple find shelter.

Will you help too? ❤ Patricia


$1, 563 was raised by 10 people in 3 days!

Three Cheers for Jesus all say “Hey! Hey!! Hey!!!” -River, Rebekah and John

‘Tis the Season, every single day of the year!

❤ Patricia







Go On!


“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along. ‘You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

To all people everywhere suffering from the actions of the cruel, take heart in who you are and the experiences of life lived with those who have been killed. They live inside of you now. You are a living memory bank of the beauty of who they were. –Love, Patricia

November Thoughts #2


Wednesday 25th

Late Monday night I saw a special about the refugees here in Berlin. One thing that struck a chord within me was the stress and strain placed on the volunteers working to care for these refugees. Some work their normal job then come to work at the Landesamt für Gesundheit & Soziales. The signs of overwork and exhaustion are plan to see. A few years ago, I was volunteering and made the mistake of not taking the time for personal self-care. I also didn’t have anyone with whom I could talk to about the things that I was experiencing as I developed deeper relationships with those I was trying to help. I tried to find someone within the organization that I worked for but there was no one to turn to for personal care. Because of this, I tried my best to offer this listening ear to the members of the team that I worked with. My wish is that the volunteers have this check in place for their own mental and emotional safety. There is only so much bad that a person can take in. The need to release these aroused feelings responsibly is very real. Otherwise, the fatigue builds up silently and when the breaking point is reached they will be in need of loving care.