The Heroine from Sweden

I have a new Heroine and her name is Tess Asplund!

Every once in a while when someone does something so utterly morally right simply because their whole being knows it’s should be done is when I find myself shouting my approval from the sidelines.

What Tess did to show her defiance of hate was a spontaneous act of unmitigated bravery.

“We live in a Europe where far-right ideas are becoming more popular, and there is also a reaction against them. It is a time when people are longing for something to channel their urge to resist the Europe that builds borders against refugees, the Europe that cannot cooperate anymore. Tess has captured one of the conflicts of our time,” -Daniel Poohl of Expo, the anti-racist foundation in Stockholm, Sweden.

Last Friday I had a crazy-looking woman shout at me “to get out of the way of a person who is a jobholder” as I wrote my bike down the street of a very multicultural neighborhood where she looked to be out-of-place actually. Continue reading “The Heroine from Sweden”